A higher education television series reaching out to an audience of 50 million

May 31, 2018 | Vikram Shetty

Television has an overwhelming influence on individuals, and this has been true since it was invented by Philo Taylor Farnsworthin in the year 1927. It has since been the medium through which most people around the world get a glimpse of a reality bigger than they’ve ever known. Events like the emergence of new independent countries to the moon landing were witnessed by us thanks to the television. Over time, TV has evolved to influence all aspects of our life. Today, we take to television every day, whether it is to get vital information about events around the world or entertain ourselves with amazing movies or an interesting television series. It has slowly become one of the most powerful platforms to communicate with the world at large.

In India, as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with rising disposable incomes, access to TV and various channels has resulted in an average daily viewing time of 3 hours and 16 minutes. According to results of the BI-2016 survey, the number of homes with televisions in the country has gone up by 19 per cent to 183 million from 154 million. TV audience in India is 780 million and it is growing rapidly. The number of national and regional channels has increased, reflecting the growing strength of the small screen. It has seen growth in all areas: news, music, lifestyle, food, travel, science, wildlife, fashion, films and education. From the days of being able to watch only one channel i.e. Doordarshan, television in the country has since expanded to almost 826 channels across various genres covering all regions of India.

The influence and impact of television in India

For a long time, television has been the only source of entertainment, information and education for a large portion of the country, and this holds true even today. Television inspires people and has shown to boost discovery learning and cognitive development of its viewers in a way no other media platform has been able to do so far in India. Due to its easy accessibility, television is watched by individuals even in the remotest areas of the country. It can bring information to the masses in a direct, effective and personal way.

Albert Einstein always believed that imagination is more important than knowledge. As knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world, and television filled out that very role in the India society. Television has brought a very diverse country together and has made strides in challenging attitudes and bringing forth progressive outlooks with exposure to the world around them. It is an instrument, if wielded ethically, has the potential to galvanize the population and bring about an era of mental cognizance and a new school of thought.

A chance to inspire a new generation of young minds

It would be logical to say that vast majority of teenagers in India aspire to attend university or college one day. Even when they may be too young to really see the enormous benefits of furthering their education, it’s highly likely that their parents or caretakers will be looking out for them. Considering television plays a major part in influencing the population, and as an AV (audio-visual) medium, it could be one of the most effective media when it comes to showcasing educational institutions. It gives the chance for educational institutions to convey their story and their mission statement to target audiences. It is an opportunity to give aspiring students a personal tour of the institution’s classroom facilities, sports facilities, library, clubs and societies. All in all, it gives children an idea of what their experience would be if they enrolled in the institution. The chairman, teaching faculty and the alumni would also get the chance to share their insights and the unique education model followed by the institution.

Television branding, when it comes to educational institutions, must be effectively produced, and it is often better to enlist the services of industry experts who can help you create an entire campaign. There are many advantages of communicating with children and parents through the medium of television such as:

  • TV reaches a much larger audience than local newspapers and radio stations
  • As it is an AV medium, it has a deeper impact and credibility
  • It reaches the target audience when they’re most attentive
  • It instils a sense of authority and confidence in the education institution
  • It gives you an opportunity to be creative while relating to children and their parents

Choosing the television platform allows us to actually demonstrate the benefits of choosing an educational institution. It can capture the attention of the target audience which can start consumers talking, effectively reaffirming the brand of the institution.

A creative television series about education institutions in India

Television series is a wonderful way to explore the history of an institution and engage students with a powerful story. When a TV series is narrated from the perspective of the students, it gives children and parents watching the show a sense of confidence as they can relate to the stories at a personal level. It can also give a personalised tour of the institution where they can highlight all the amazing facilities and extra-curricular programmes conducted by the school. Most of all, it would give the students a peek into the student experience they would have when they enrol in the institution. It would be an excellent opportunity for the institution to advertise its greatness factor and showcase the aspects that set them apart from the rest of the universities in the country. Television could very well prove to be the perfect platform for an education institution to highlight innovative education models and dynamic knowledge application methods.

When a television series it viewed by over 50 million viewers, it has the potential to elevate the institution’s brand value by catapulting them into the limelight as leaders and one of the pre-eminent education providers in the country. A well-branded and highly publicised television series can be a crucial lifeline for many educational institutions when it comes to student recruitment. When parents and students understand the ethos and the mission statement directly from the students and the teaching faculty, they are more likely to follow through and enrol in the university. It can become a window of opportunity through which students see a bright future. With a TV series that is broadcasted on prominent television channels, education institutions can wield the power to mobilise a whole generation of young students. It also has the potential to retain a favourable opinion of the institution in the minds of students and parents alike, creating a strong brand presence and a lasting impression.


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